Recap, The Past 30 Days

I am not stopping here, and “Thank you!”

Me, and my iPad, LOL

“Why not start with something small, do some down-to-earth work.”

Me, typing shit on my keyboard.
Me, pretending I am a fancy writer.
“Why not press the button to become perfect.”
“Why the world needs superheroes.”
“How can a Tree travel around the world.”
“Why we need lies.”
“Why shall we share all the knowledge with everyone.”
“Does our dream take us to another dimension?”
“Why I drink the witch’s soup?”
“Shall we kill an alien egg or give it birth?”

“Who do you think all these pictures come from??????”

Writing helped me express my emotions; I have let my thoughts to flow, my memories to spark. Every time I write, I feel my heartbeat. It feels wonderful to have someone who understands.

“Hard work pays off.”

I deeply think so.



I am writing stories for Shia Tshyu, who moved to Seoul...

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