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Usability Test in UX Design

Me, myself. LOL

“Usability testing is most effective in the early to middle stage of development, before a feature is locked in and its interaction with other creatures is set. (P274)”

The second step is about recruiting evaluators, similar to conducting interviews with people. Recruiting evaluators for a usability test also includes defining the audience pool, screening candidates, contacting participants for schedules, etc.

“Moderating a usability test is a skill !!!”

Highlighted by this text and also by my professor. Moderation is rather significant to a usability test. You don’t want to ruin the test experience, therefore, be sure to respect participants’ right, and their physical, emotional comfort. Avoid bias, keep the interview task-centered, ask “why,” give help if needed, probe nonverbal cues, minimize interruptions, etc. In a word, moderating a usability test is a skill, be cautious.



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