Drink It, The Witch’s Soup (Part 1)

Why My Persistence Is Not My Hope

“Once upon a time, there was a magic soup that poisoned the entire world, which once you drink the soup you will overturn your mind, literally, the black becomes the white, the beauty becomes the ugly, the right becomes the wrong etc. The entire world was inverted, everyone had a chaotic mind, they were so confused and mad. Fortunately, you haven’t yet drunk the soup, you are the only sober one, but will you drink the soup?” — Inspired by a topic from the TV program “I Can I BB.”

“Why not learn to give up on the obstinate mindset and accept some new lights.”

“An independently minded person is never a person who persists in wilfully and arbitrarily.”



I am writing stories for Shia Tshyu, who moved to Seoul...

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